Quiet day at the docks
Quiet day at the docks, La Cotinière, France

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    1. We’ve visited a couple of times now and always really enjoyed it but this time the weather was superb which made a massive difference and there was an amazing street-market and a real sense of joie de vivre throughout the town!

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  1. Oh my, that dry brush sky! I’ve not been brave enough to try that, but you’ve inspired me. I love everything you paint. Keep up the watercolor work. Kudos, brother in arms! 🙂

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    1. Hi Laura – so pleased that Margaret’s site introduced us and that you’re being enticed back into the world of watercolour! Afraid I’m a bit of ‘I don’t know much but I know what I like’ when it comes to my own efforts and I like watercolour! I find it quite challenging enough to getting to grips with one medium let alone two, three, four or more!

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      1. John, I am enticed when I see work like yours. Really impressive! I am still a baby artist, having come to it just over a year and a half ago, but watercolor drew me right in. Acrylics are my passion now, but I still like them best when I see wc effects. If I did nothing but hang around here, I’d want to paint in nothing but wc, but you really have a talent for it! I think it would take years for me to come close to the place you are. Bravo to you!

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      2. Thanks so much Laura – I really appreciate your comments (and have never before considered that my work might be ‘enticing’!) – I think that one of the great things about watercolour is how quickly you can see changes in a relatively short space of time. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you, Margaret and others get on with your daily watercolour challenge (slightly jealous too as I can’t manage the daily discipline!)

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      3. Your stuff really makes me want to run for my wc palette, even though I’m enjoying acrylics right now. I don’t find wc a fast to learn medium at all. Or maybe I just want to progress much faster than a typical student. I want to be able to make boats and water look like you do! I progressed much faster with graphite, even ink, than I do with almost any paint. I’m really glad Margaret came up with that challenge; it’s been fun so far!

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  2. Thank you for following my art blog, John, I hope you can find something interesting there. I always say that I have nothing to teach anyone, but if you want to watch me paint, and you get something from it, then fine. Looking at your gallery, I find plenty that I like. Your style reminds me of the great Rowland Hilder, the great mentor, whose battered books I still use for inspiration from time to time.
    Thanks again

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    1. Hi David and thanks for following my adventures with watercolour. I take it as a great compliment that some of my work brought to mind the great Roland Hilder. Along with Edwards Seago and Wesson he’s right up there in my hall of fame! As you can probably see, I’m still finding my own voice as it were, which is why I get so much from seeing the work of other artists like yourself – it’s all grist to the mill! Looking forward to your updates and thanks again for following mine.


  3. Hi I just came across to your beautiful work and Blog through your guest appearance on Doodlewash and I decided to Follow! I am an artist designer and I like to express my creativity in several ways and with different mediums like watercolors, photography, digital art, illustration, poetry and more 😉 I love the way you paint and your brush strokes…

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    1. Hi there and I’m so pleased that you found me from the Doodlwashed feature – I really appreciate your kind comments. Congratulations too on your amazing work – I’ve only had chance to have a quick look (your site is huge!) so will be checking back in again later on when I have a little more time. Thanks so much for taking the time to get in touch.

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      1. Hi nice to meet you John you’re very welcome! I am glad I found your site is beautiful to see your work and thank you very much for your visit to mine I really appreciate it! Yes my site is huge because I love to express my creativity in all the mediums I like to work with I just got featured maybe you would like to read my interview you will know more quickly about what I love to do http://robertmgoldstein.com/2016/03/21/featured-blogger-carolina-russo/
        I am very pleased to be connected and if you follow my blog you wont miss my creativity! 😉

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  4. Just come across your blog! Thirty years ago, when I was quite hard up, I saw one of your paintings in a shop window in Chester. It was a view of the salmon fishery from spot by the river Dee where as a little lad I was expressly forbidden to go. It was priced st £33 a hardship, but I had to have it! A year or so later I bought a postcard of the same view with two fishing boats in the identical positions and later still read an article saying how sensible to use postcards as the basis of paintings. Perhaps you wrote the article?
    Anyway, the painting (in a more deserving frame) has followed me and graced the wall of several houses. I love it still and enjoy your DVDs. Best wishes. Peter

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    1. Dear Peter, thanks so much for taking the time to visit my blog and to write me such a lovely message. I think it’s great that a painting can have such a resonance and such a personal emotional attachment – so much so that it becomes an ‘art companion’ throughout your life.

      The reason I’m contacting you directly now without putting your comment and this response on the website is because as much as I’d like to be the artist responsible for the painting that you speak so fondly of – it can’t possibly be me! I’m a relative newcomer to painting and I haven’t been to the spot that you describe. I can only imagine that the style that I’m trying to emulate must be similar. I’m certainly flattered by the comparison but felt that I should let you know that this may be a case of mistaken identity.

      I’d certainly like to see the painting that you have, purely out of interest, so If there was a way of emailing me a picture I’d find that fascinating!

      Once again, I’m grateful for you taking the time to visit the site and get in touch, and I’m sorry that I’m not the artist responsible for bringing you so much joy over the years!

      With best regards



      1. The painting is signed. John Yardley. The burden of the article I referred towas that local postcard photographers have endless time to find the best vantage points. Visiting painters on holiday simply haven’t the time and local knowledge. Hence why not make use of reference postcards?

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      2. Ah! John Yardley – apologies Peter and everything’s fallen into place now! And yes – you’re quite right – it’s so difficult to find the best views under the best lighting conditions so why not make the most of photographs taken by those who know their subjects so well! Thanks for clarifying. (So envious too that you have a John Yardley – I’ve long been an admirer of his work)


    1. Thanks so much for you kind comments. Naturally I’m very biased but I can honestly vouch for the merits and rewards of some time spent painting/drawing or even just taking a few moments out to really look at and examine a view! I can also see that you’ve got quite a lot of other things on your plate too, so it’s great that you’re also just able to enjoy the work of others. Many thanks for visiting and hope you pass this way again.


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