I was casting around a little for my next project and sought inspiration in Ron Ranson’s ‘Watercolour Impressionists’ – for which I’ve always have a soft spot as it was my first introduction to a great many artists that I’ve since learnt a lot more about, many of which have been a great source of inspiration.

Watercolour Impressionists, Ron Ranson
Watercolour Impressionists, Ron Ranson
James Fletcher Watson is just one such figure, and his painting ‘Spring on the Downs’ has always been one of my favourites – partly because it portrays the Downs as I recognise them, and partly because I love the delicacy with which he captured this view. (I’d love to know exactly where this view is so that I could revisit it in person, so if anyone has any thoughts, let me know!)

Sketch inspired by James Fletcher Watson
Sketch inspired by James Fletcher Watson’s ‘Spring on the Downs’
It was only after having completed this sketch, and beginning to think about adding it to the blog, that I re-visited the caption for this image in the book:

“This painting was done in a controlled wash method, without any previous pencil or pen outline being drawn, He commenced by putting the main art material lines in with very watery ultramarine. His mental process for this method was first to create a nebulous atmosphere providing depth into the picture, the the main shapes, cool masses and form were considered, and finally just enough detail to incite interest.”

I’m not entirely sure that I adhered to much of the ‘method’ as described but I was quite pleased with the outcome.

A penny for your thoughts...? (Not literally you understand - that could land me in a whole heap of trouble!)

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