I’ve long admired the work of Edward Wesson so was totally taken aback, thrilled and delighted when – for my recent birthday – my fabulously brilliant partner gifted me a week long course under the guidance of renowned Wesson aficionado Steve Hall.

I’d already collected some of my favourite Wesson paintings together on pinterest and you can see more of these on the board below.

I hope that a closer look at some these will give you a sense of why I’m so excited to be spending a week learning about and practicing the approach and skills that made Wesson one of the most outstanding watercolour artists of his generation.

The brief video below is of a demonstration that Steve Hall gave last year that gives a tantalising glimpse of what I’ve got to look forward too:

The course that I’m booked onto is in West Sussex, near Chichester and Arundel. It’s an area that I know a little about – mainly from driving through – but I’ve often hankered to explore it more when armed with paints, brushes and a little time as it’s rich with brilliant subject matter for painting. I’m already thinking about Arundel Castle and Chichester Cathedral – not to mention the river Arun and nearby coastline. Steve does courses and demonstrations elsewhere around the country too and you can see a full list of dates and venues, as well as examples of his work, on his website:  Steve Hall’s Watercolour Courses

Anyway, feeling tremendously chuffed, inspired and excited, I felt compelled to dash off a quick Wesson-esque homage – which I fully expect to be the first of many!



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