I absolutely love camping! My main annual holiday for many more years than I’ve been painting has been spent camping, not to mention the many smaller vacations in between! What has changed over the years, is how much I dislike packing to actually go camping, a dislike that grows stronger each year!

The only exception to this rule, is my packing of my art kit, which I absolutely love. I certainly spend far much more time thinking about my art kit than I do what clothes to take!

By the time you read this, we’ll all hopefully be settling into a familiar camping lifestyle – so it’s far too late start making any new suggestions for what I should have taken with me- for this year at least!

Here’s what I eventually settled on to take with me this year:

My Frazer Prize Palette Box, Da Vinci Kolinsky Sable travel brushes and spare paints
The Da Vinci Travel brushes series 1503, sizes 12, 10, 8, 6 and 4
A few wash brushes and a small flat, just in case
Pens, pencils, brushpens (black grey and sepia), eraser etc
A5 and A4 Arboretum sketchbooks

All pretty straightforward stuff really but my hope is to keep it relatively minimal and streamlined, with my main aim being to just ‘lighten up’ – in terms of mood, spirit and approach – and to have a little bit of fun!

I’m sure I’m not alone in also seeing a holiday as a time to catch up on a little reading! Here’s what I’ve pulled out of the library to keep me company this year!

Hopefully there’ll be enough here to keep me occupied (and relaxed!), not to mention inspired! I’ll also be travelling with my camera to capture as much reference material as possible to bring home with me.

I’ll only have limited access to the internet where I am so may not be as prompt at replying as I’d like, but I’ll do my best!

In the meantime, I’d love to hear about what books (as long as they’re watercolour or art related!) that you’d choose to take on your holiday, as well as your essential art materials – let’s face it, I’ll need to start thinking about what to pack for next year pretty soon!

12 thoughts on “Watercolour sketching kit

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  2. Painting abroad is the best, though if you forget something, it can be tricky. I always find there’s never enough time and more ideas come out as you’re on your way home. It’s great to get out and explore somewhere new.

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    1. Oh I know all of these feelings far too well – especially the ‘never enough time’ one! Hopefully I’ll come back with some good ideas and reference material to keep me busy for a while (and so far, apart from my sub standard sketchbooks, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything important!)


      1. haha, yes Chloe, I quite agree – I’ve got a lot of sorting out the wheat from the chaff from this year’s vacation. I took lots of photos but as I’m looking through them now, there aren’t that many that will be any good to me for painting from!


  3. I like your travel art kit John and your reading material. I’m always interested in what art supplies other people use and I love books – especially watercolour books… ! Have a great holiday!

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    1. Hi Evelyn and thanks for this, I’m pleased you like the art kit – it’s seems to be serving me pretty well at the moment! As for the books, I think they’re a bit of a mixed bag! (I’ll say more in a future post!)


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