I’m so enjoying my sketchbook work that I can’t quite seem to tear myself away from it!

So far, I’ve been painting on both sides of every page in this sketchbook, and have only just passed the halfway mark in it!

I’ve been immensely flattered by requests to buy some of these sketches so I’m considering that I might start to only paint on only one side of each page.

Thought I’d kick off this week’s post with a short clip of me removing the masking tape to reveal a nice crisp white border. It’s a little ritual that I’ve come to really enjoy as the white border can completely lift even the most simple and modest of sketches:

The immensely satisfying grand reveal…

I also shared this on Twitter and was delighted to receive some very heartening likes and comments:

And for those that prefer still images to a moving ones…

Tokyo watercolour sketch
Tokyo watercolour sketch
New York watercolour sketch
New York watercolour sketch

I’m really enjoying the slight devil-may-care attitude that comes from painting these smaller sketchbook studies. It’s an attitude that I think I’d do well to bring to my larger works – though this is still something that I think is easier said than done!

I’m already aware that, with the odd person expressing interest in buying some of these sketches, I need to be mindful that the focus of this sketchbook work is for me to play around a little and have some fun, not to try and create ‘works for sale’.

In anticipation of lots more sketchbook work, I’ve already ordered a new one that will hopefully be with me in the next few days!

6 thoughts on “Devil-may-care watercolour sketches

    1. Thanks so much Tim – glad you like the video, I really ought to try to do more of them, but I do often find it a bit of a faff when time’s limited and there’s painting to be done!


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