As I so enjoyed the painting I did last week, I thought I’d stay with familiar hay bales territory for my next watercolour. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how I could have stayed any closer without painting exactly the same view again. The view for this new painting was from exactly the same spot from which last week’s painting was based, but about 90 degrees to my left.

What I particularly liked about the view – aside from only having to turn very slightly to see it – was the variety of tree forms, and especially three tall ones. Here’s the sketch that I did some time ago, next to my latest painting:

And just so you can see it a little more clearly, here’s the full size version:

Watercolour painting of a Sussex field with hay bales and trees in the background by artist John Haywood

As these views were so closely related in time, location and subject, I thought that these two recent paintings might be nice company for each other:

I was quite pleased with how this turned out, particularly as I did encounter the odd dicey moment with it! Also, I wasn’t really seeking to show these two side by side, but looking at them together, I think that there’s a degree of consistency with the weather and light conditions across the pair.

I think with these two paintings, I may well have exhausted my hay bales references so I’ll need to be a little more adventurous next week!

A penny for your thoughts...? (Not literally you understand - that could land me in a whole heap of trouble!)

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