View of the river Arun, near Arundel, West Sussex

My name’s John, and I’m a watercolour painter.

I know that to many this may be a heinous confession, but I simply can’t help it – I love it!

Brushes with Watercolour is my way of sharing my adventures with this notoriously infuriating medium, and hopefully providing visitors with a glimpse into why it’s also one of the most magical and satisfying of pursuits.

I hope you’ll stay a while and have a look around. If you see anything you like, please do let me know, it’d be great to hear from you.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with some pictures of me at work (or is it play?). Even though the results don’t always work out as I’d expected or hoped for, it’s always a joy being out and about in some beautiful locations!


  1. Hi. I too have just started studying watercolor, at age 74. My sister was an artist, and I am currently taking lessons from my son, a muralist. Wow, never had any idea there was so much to learn! It is amazing. So far, my paintings look very amateurish, but it is much fun, I must say, especially plein air painting. Can’t wait to see what my paintings look like a year from now. I discovered on you Tube: Steven Cronin, David Usher, and Ron Ranson. Now I have discovered you, John, and your Brushes with Watercolour. What a beautiful style! I will be back to see your work again. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind comments Mary. So pleased that you found me and my blog, and even more pleased that you’ve discovered watercolour painting! I can already tell that with your attitude and outlook – that you’ll amaze yourself with the advances you’ll make if you’re able to keep it up. Hope you’ll be able to pop back and check on my progress too (please do feel free to sign up to receive my posts which would probably be the easiest way to keep up to date!) Thanks again Mary and good luck with the painting!


  2. Hello John,
    I started painting with watercolours around Xmas just gone after coming across some demonstrations on youtube by Steven Cronin and Dave Usher and pursuing my newly gained interest I was looking at Edward Seago;s images searched on Google that I came across a picture from your website which has brought me here.To find someone whose style and interest are similar to my own but far superior is most welcome. I am a late starter to painting and at the age of 72 have a lot of catching up to do although the main object has to be enjoyment and I certainly have the time. I have set up a blog and I would appreciate any comments .http://bill-turner-art.blogspot.co.uk. I have got you in my favorites and will be back regurlarly. Regards Bill

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    1. Hi Bill, so glad you were able to find me and thanks for making contact. I’ve also enjoyed some of Steve Cronin’s demonstrations (Dave Usher I’m not familiar with but I’ll definitely check him out!) and it’s great to have access to such excellent resources to inform one’s own development. As you say, the most important element is your own enjoyment but it’s great that you have the time and the inclination to practice. It’s also great to know (and I say this from my own experience) that your efforts will be rapidly rewarded by studying the work by the likes of Seago and Wesson and following the guidance of Steve Cronin. I’ve had a look at your site and you can already see the progression in your work which is great. Really glad that you’ve chosen to follow my adventures and hope that they’re of some use/interest.


    1. Wow – thanks so much – what a wonderful reaction! I think one of reasons I started the blog was to help my chart and reflect on my own progress as a painter and I’m gradually accepting that there’s no shame in having more disasters than successes. Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to comment – I really appreciate it!

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    1. Hi Debi and thanks for this. It’s one of those wonderful things in life when something occurs purely by chance and has such fabulous repercussions! Had a friend not shown me Seago’s paintings, I’d probably still be totally unaware, and probably never have put brush to paper again! Funny how things work out!

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