Art at Zerbs

For the 2019 Brighton Festival Artists Open Houses in May, I’m delighted to be joining an extremely talented group of artists and makers exhibiting at the eponymously named Art at Zerbs, where we are being hosted by the wonderful Jan and Linda Zerb.

How to find Art at Zerbs and opening times

Art at Zerbs, 188 Dyke Road, Brighton

188 Dyke Road, Brighton, BN1 5AA

11 am – 6 pm every Saturday and Sunday in May and each Bank Holiday Monday (6th and 27th May).

(For those that are familiar with Dyke Road, 188 is opposite the Dyke Road Park café, near to Windlesham School and the Booth Bird Museum)

You can follow Art at Zerbs on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Back in the day

The reason that I’m so delighted to be exhibiting in Art at Zerbs is down to a combination of sentimentality, ancient history and co-incidence.

Back in the day, Jan and Linda used to own Zerbs Café at 21 Gardner Street from 1987-2000. My nut allergy prevents me from being able to verify this personally, but their chips and satay sauce is the stuff of legends! To those that savored it, the mere mention of this culinary delight leads to a far off misty-eyed reverie!

Zerbs was, for many a year, the go-to café for me and many of my friends – a little oasis – to sit in the window, chat, watch the world go by and, more often than not, recover from whatever had occurred the night before.

The Zerbs, outside Zerbs, back in the day

Imagine my surprise then when, 30 years later, I get a text out of the blue from my dear friend Angela:

“Do you want to be in an Open House next May?

Jan and Linda, used to own Zerbs”

Well I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity. I love the bizarre unlikeliness of exhibiting in the house of the owners of the cafe I frequented some 30 years ago… so funny how things turn out (not least that I now paint watercolours!)

What to expect from me

I’ll be there in person on both of the Bank Holiday Mondays in May (6th and 27th May) and on Sunday 19th May and fully expect to be splashing some paint about on each day. At previous exhibitions, it’s been really nice to meet in person some of the people that follow my blog or follow me elsewhere on social media, as well as people that are just generally interested or even vaguely curious!

To hopefully help whet the appetite, here’s a quick preview of some of the paintings that I’ll be showing this year. These are mainly recent paintings and the Open House will be the first time that most of them have been exhibited. I’ll also have a selection of other paintings to browse through too:

All are painted on Saunders Waterford Paper using Winsor and Newton Professional watercolour paints. Each painting is mounted in conservation grade mounts (ie they won’t ‘yellow’ in sunlight).

Prices range from approx £125 to approx £275 depending on size and whether or framed or unframed (frames available subject to demand). Each painting is supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

Disclaimer: I’m afraid only sell original paintings; no prints, cards, cushion covers, key fobs or any form of ‘merch’.

What else to look forward too

But of course it’s not all about me – it’s also about cake (and did I mention that Jan and Linda used to run a cafe, so they know a thing or two about hospitality…)

Did someone say cake?

…and the garden is amazing! I’m also surrounded by an embarrassingly rich array of talented artists and makers. Here’s a list my co-exhibitors with links to each of their Instagram accounts so you can find out more about them:

I know it sounds cliched, but there really is ‘something for everyone’ and I hope that you’ll be able to drop by Art at Zerbs sometime during May. If you have any questions, or if there’s anything you think I might be able to help with about Art at Zerbs, (or if you just want to share your memories of frequenting Zerbs!) please do let me know. You can leave a public comment below, or get in touch with me directly via the contact form and I’ll be in touch as quick as I can!

Oh, if you’ve made it this far, then you may also be interested in exploring the site a little more. There’s a menu of things to see at the top of this page that includes my weekly blog, a gallery page, what equipment and materials I use along with information about how to buy my work.

I hope that you find something you like and, if you do, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Artists Open Houses 2019

  1. I am a largely self taught not very good artist. However I am really impressed by your use of a Turner-esque technique to create light impression. Do you give lessons?


    1. Hi John – many thanks for getting in touch and for your very kind words about my work. I’m afraid I still feel too much of a beginner myself to feel that I can offer lessons to others but I feel flattered just by the question! There’s a great deal of wonderful advice that’s free of charge online. I can personally recommend checking out the work and YouTube channel of American watercolourist, Gary Tucker: – he’s well worth spending time with! In the meantime, good luck with your painting and I hope that you’ll consider following my adventures via the blog!


  2. Hi John.
    We are home now pretty much all the time so if you want, you could come round before Tuesday, to look at the available space.
    It would be nice to meet you. Just let us know.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for this and I really appreciate the offer but I think Tuesday will probably be the earliest opportunity for us to say hello – and I’m much looking forward to it!


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