Rushed watercolour paintings

Precious little time for painting or writing this week! It’s so frustrating when you have such little time to spend pursuing your passion that the limited time itself can become a pressured hindrance. That’s a little bit how it felt for me this week. Here’s my first effort: This was inspired by a visit a… Read More

Cafe watercolour painting – rebooted!

Continuing my current theme of revisiting watercolour paintings that I’ve enjoyed painting previously, here’re two that I painted earlier this year, that I took as the basis for a new painting. The location is a local branch of the Small Batch Coffee company here in Brighton. In the mornings, the light floods in via the… Read More

Barcelona watercolour painting rebooted

A few weeks ago, when I was experiencing one of my periodic / all too frequent watercolour painting dilemmas of: ‘what should I paint? In fact, why do I even bother painting’ – I wondered whether there’d be any value in revisiting some of my favourite paintings from the past to paint them again. If… Read More

Anvil cloud watercolour

Unfinished watercolour business I’m starting this week where I left off last week, with another version of my Manchester tram. As I approached this version, I had a number of goals in mind: A more clearly defined focal point A greater sense of depth and recession To introduce some colour, where I’d previously focused on… Read More

A rusty watercolour painting

A busy week in many ways, even if not entirely for watercolour painting! First up was a visit to the wonderful Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. In recent years, I’ve probably visited this gallery more than any other. I think they’re running an excellent programme of exhibitions, have some great events and workshops for children and… Read More

Littlehampton marina in watercolour, step by step

I found a picture of Littlehampton marina / harbour at dusk that I’ve been mulling over for a week or so. I liked the view, but i didn’t like the idea of trying to paint it! The detailing and the amount of visual information and clutter in such a view is mind boggling. I challenged… Read More

Win win watercolour paintings

The Heart Research UK fundraising project, the anonymous heart art auction – #anonartproject – came to an end at 9pm on Sunday 13th October. This means that I can finally reveal all! First though, a quick reminder. All contributors are asked to submit work that is A5 in size. Heart Research UK send out cards… Read More

Another watercolour sunset

I was so pleased with last week’s successful watercolour paper stretching (and painting!) that I couldn’t wait to see if I could repeat it. This subject matter I chose wasn’t my usual fare, but I thought it would present a good challenge from a ‘stretched paper’ perspective, as well as a painting perspective. Technically, I… Read More