It’s all about the green

My ‘Using Green in watercolour’ course with Paul Talbot Greaves started last Friday. I received an email on Friday morning containing a worksheet with all the information and links that I needed to get cracking. Obviously, it wouldn’t be right to share the exact resources that I’ve been provided but I am happy to share… Read More

Plein air painting with Brighton Painting Group

Brighton Painting Group Saturday 15th January saw the first monthly meeting of the fledgeling Brighton Painting Group. The location for this month’s gathering was Pavilion Gardens in the heart of Brighton. It’s a great location and rich with potential subjects, including the city’s iconic and architecturally bonkers Royal Pavilion. I wasn’t sure whether I was… Read More

A happy New Watercolour Year to one and all!

I hope that everyone was able to enjoy a happy and safe New Year and that you’ve been able to start 2022 with a spring in your step! As is so often the case, I find myself starting the new year still tidying up a lot of loose ends from the previous year! I’m still… Read More

Thanks for another great year

Well, it’s been another 52 weeks and, with this final entry of the year, another 52 blog posts! Thanks so much to anyone and everyone that follows my weekly watercolour meanderings. ‘Meeting’ so many people via the blog has been one of the most delightful and unexpected bonuses of my time spent painting. It’s also… Read More

A merry watercolour Christmas

Starling Studios finale The pop-up gallery at Starling Studios closed on Sunday, although a number of my paintings will remain on display in the window until the 2nd January 2022. It was sad in some ways to have to pack the show up but it was nice to do so in the knowledge that it… Read More

A great week at Starling Studios

Wow, what an amazing week it’s been since my last post! This time last week I was staring at the bare interior of the Starling Studios wondering what on earth I’d let myself in for! One week on, we have a bona-fide little retail outlet on the go and, to top it all, I’ve even… Read More

A good start at Starling Studios

Well it’s been just over a week or so since my window display went up at Starling Studios, and I’m delighted to report that I’ve already made one sale: Over the years, I’ve become quite adept at ‘letting go’ of a painting – there are, however, some paintings that I still find it difficult to… Read More

Wonderful Watercolour News!!

Starling Studios Now I know what you’re thinking: “Whoa, who’s the grey-haired beardy guy and why’s he looking at me like that!?” Well, it’s a very rare photo of yours truly. Now I don’t mind confessing that even I was taken aback when I saw this photo and have subsequently had an urgent haircut and… Read More

Exciting exhibition news!

Starling Studios Pop-Up Gallery I’ve been frantically busy over the past few weeks trying to juggle all the usual commitments alongside preparing for my first public showing of my watercolour paintings for some years now! This is of course tremendously exciting news for me but it has meant that I’ve had a lot of catching… Read More