Barcelona’s La Segrada Familia in Watercolour x 2

I’m always wary of tackling iconic views, or famous buildings, even when they’re in the background like in this Barcelona painting with La Segrada Familia in the distance. This is one of those subjects that I’ve had my eye on for a while, but sometimes you’ve just got to wait until the moment feels right.… Read More

La Boqueria side street, Barcelona, in watercolour

Sometimes I regret revisiting a painting when the first is still so fresh. Other times however, it feels the right thing to do. On this occasion I’m really pleased – and hugely relieved – that it seemed the right thing to do. As much as I liked my first attempt at this view that I… Read More

Unfinished watercolour business…

This past week was one of those where my hopes and expectations for painting were dashed upon the rocks of everyday life. In a nutshell – I barely managed to squeeze any painting in this week. I had it mind to revisit last week’s subject matter, with the aim of putting a warmer wash of… Read More

Blue sky Barcelona in watercolour

I’ve been struggling of late with a landscape challenge set by the great Jem Bowden. It’s something that I feel is worth persevering with as Jem is offering one of his original paintings as a prize. Without wishing to increase the competition for this, should anyone be interested in tackling the challenge, you can find… Read More

Barcelona’s Las Ramblas in Watercolour

I received some new brushes the other day, three Da Vinci Cassaneo Wash brushes that I ordered from the Society for All Artists (SAA). I’m vaguely familiar with the organisation but think that this is the first time that I’ve ordered anything from them. The service and delivery etc was all great, as was the price… Read More

Barcelona (with a hint of a swagger?)

While I’ve very familiar with, and a great admirer of Alvaro Castagnet’s work, and have watched a few Youtube clips of him at work, I’ve not really studied his approach in any detail. Recently however, his DVD Alvaro Castagnet paints Antwerp came up on my favourite bargain hunting site and I was fortunate enough to… Read More

Plein-air sketching in Wales

I was away in Wales over the recent bank holiday weekend – ‘surely not another holiday!’ I hear you exclaim! This time we were camping with twenty or so friends and families and I took my sketching kit along more in hope than expectation. We were based in the Brecon Beacons on the river Usk… Read More

Back to Barcelona

I committed myself to revisiting this view of La Placa Reial in Barcelona whilst I was away on holiday, and before last week’s horrific attacks. Unsurprisingly, those events did play on my mind whilst painting. Like many locals and visitors, we enjoyed many a walk on Las Ramblas and the bustling network surrounding streets and… Read More

Sketching – the perfect tonic!

Carrying on from where I left off last week, I've been really enjoying working in my sketchbooks. Here're a few pages and close-ups of some of my efforts. We only made it back from back from France earlier today, after spending a wonderful few days in Dieppe, so apologies that this post is so brief.… Read More

Holiday reading: Mastering Mood and Atmosphere in Watercolour by Joseph Zbukvic

In an effort to shake off my current watercolour malaise, I’ve brought some inspiration on holiday with me in the form of Joseph Zbukvic’s brilliant book ‘Mastering Mood and Atmosphere in Watercolour’. I find it a wonderfully insightful book, rich with practical advice and examples from one of the best watercolour artists working today. He… Read More