Pleased as punch watercolour paintings

Things are a little frenetic at the moment, mainly for reasons far too dull to expand on here, but it means that my time for painting and blogging is even tighter than usual. In some ways this makes this post all the more surprising because, despite these circumstances, I’m delighted to be able to post… Read More

Pumpkin patch watercolour painting

Here’s a painting of a view that I had in mind after our recent visit to Poyning’s pumpkin field to pick up our annual Halloween pumpkin: When I first painted this, I was sort of okay with it, but also a tad underwhelmed by it too! When I came back to it the following day,… Read More

Pumpkin patch watercolour sketch

Bid now for the @heartresearchuk #anonartproject As many people that have been following my blog for more than a year or so will know, each year I support Heart Research UK’s charity art auction by donating some A5 watercolour paintings. This year’s auction is live now and bidding will close on Sunday 31st October. I’ve… Read More

Sussex hay bales (II) watercolour painting

As I so enjoyed the painting I did last week, I thought I’d stay with familiar hay bales territory for my next watercolour. In fact, it’s hard to imagine how I could have stayed any closer without painting exactly the same view again. The view for this new painting was from exactly the same spot… Read More

Sussex hay bales watercolour painting

After what seems like an age, I finally managed to tear myself away from my sketchbook and return to something a little larger. I had on a shelf a piece of paper I’d already stretched. It had been there since well before my back went – so a good six weeks or so. When I… Read More

Bed legs watercolour sketches

I’m not sure why, but I’m currently feeling more pressed for time to spend watercolour painting than for a long time. It would seem that at the height of lockdown, when many others were baking and catching up on long overdue DIY jobs, I spent more time painting than ever before. Now, as life is… Read More

What a difference a mount makes

I hit a little bit of in impasse this week. Nothing too dramatic but one upshot was that I found myself quite lacking in inspiration and motivation for painting! A lot of this was due to external factors such as the new start of term and the inevitable new school timetables, drop off times, pick… Read More

Devil-may-care watercolour sketches

I’m so enjoying my sketchbook work that I can’t quite seem to tear myself away from it! So far, I’ve been painting on both sides of every page in this sketchbook, and have only just passed the halfway mark in it! I’ve been immensely flattered by requests to buy some of these sketches so I’m… Read More

Watercolour tinkering

Continuing with my sketchbook odyssey, here are a couple of recent ones… and I wonder if any of the eagle-eyed amongst you can spot anything different with my palette? So. Any ideas on my spot the difference challenge? Well, here’s what my Frazer Price used to look like: Note the three welled plastic palette that… Read More