What a wonderful year

  It’s been a real treat to reflect on the past year; my brushes with watercolour have never been so frequent, nor so enjoyable! 2016 started with a wonderful birthday gift of a week’s painting course. This set in motion a train of thought and actions that had no particular end point other than using… Read More

Swings and Roundabouts 

After last week’s slightly underwhelming effort of this scene of the old Bathhouse (and now a café) on Barmouth Beach, I was keen to put all that I’d learned from the experience, and from your feedback, into a new painting. As a refresher, here’s my painting from last week: And here’s what I had in… Read More

Some you win… some you lose…

In last week’s post I mentioned that I had a work in progress but couldn’t tell if it was progressing towards a mount, a frame and onto the wall, or straight to the bin? Well, after spending a bit more time on it over the weekend, I can confirm that it’s heading for the bin…… Read More

A bigger, better (?) Barmouth Beach

A few weeks ago I did a painting of Barmouth beach. In the accompanying post The beginning of something big? – I explained that it was my first effort after a few weeks’ holiday and that I’d enjoyed painting it. This original version was done on a quarter imperial sheet of Saunders Waterford and, since completing… Read More

The beginning of something big?

It’s been a slow period of settling back into normality after returning from summer holidays. It’s also been a long time since I put brush to paper with any degree of serious intent and I was feeling quite nervous and apprehensive about how much ground I may have lost during my break. I cycle to… Read More