Is that tarmac I see?

And not just tarmac. But some buildings too. And some telegraph poles.  It’s practically a cityscape! In a very tentative nod to the real world, this landscape is brimming with ‘mod cons’. I’ve often shied away from anything that features tarmac… or indeed buildings in general. I’ve seen some artists handle tarmac brilliantly, I’m thinking… Read More

Another ‘big tree’ landscape

After last week’s more involved post of existential angst… here’s something short and – if not sweet – then at least simple. It’s based on a Wesson original but increasingly, as my confidence develops, I’m only using these as reference points rather than trying to produce copies. Often, when I’m reflecting on sketch, I can… Read More

…and now for something a little different…

I suppose I see myself as a bit of a watercolour purist – that’s not to say I’ll never use masking fluid or white body colour for highlights – but I’ve never really ventured down the pen and wash avenue. As I’ve lately been looking more closely at Edward Wesson’s work however, it’s impossible not… Read More

Practice makes perfect… (or at least slightly better!)

I was so excited recently when I recieved the rather brilliant gift of a week’s painting with Edward Wession expert Steve Hall, that I found a Wesson watercolour that I was particularly taken with and tried to emulate it. At the time I felt quite pleased with myself… but I think this was in part… Read More

Happy birthday (to me!!)

I’ve long admired the work of Edward Wesson so was totally taken aback, thrilled and delighted when – for my recent birthday – my fabulously brilliant partner gifted me a week long course under the guidance of renowned Wesson aficionado Steve Hall. I’d already collected some of my favourite Wesson paintings together on pinterest and… Read More

Rowland Hilder watercolour exercise

With the nights drawing in, and the weather at weekends leaning towards winter, my opportunities for painting outdoors are becoming increasingly rare. It seems like a good time then to turn my efforts to learning from my betters and, for this first exercise of what I hope will develop into a series, I sought out… Read More