A trip down memory lane

Apologies in advance for this nostalgic and slightly self-indulgent post. I hope you’ll allow me to explain? Blasts from the past Follow the passing of my mum back in April I’ve been gradually working on the arrangements for mum’s estate. Her bungalow will shortly be put on the market and, last weekend, I spent some… Read More

From a lightness of touch to a heaviness of hand

Riding on a bit of high after last week’s paintings, I was really excited at the prospect of seeing what might happen next. As Edward Wesson had proved the inspiration for my last painting, he seemed the fitting starting point for my next. Leafing through Barry Miles’ book, Edward Wesson (1910 – 1983) I came… Read More

A busy watercolour week!

After last week’s painting of the view from the top of Firle Beacon, I was reminded of a painting that I’d seen looking towards Firle Beacon. This set me off in a little quest which fortunately didn’t take me too long to complete! I found in Peter Slade’s book on Edward Wesson, ‘Honesty in Art’… Read More