A post about a page

Bonjour mes Amis – (and that, rather embarrassingly pretty much exhausts my knowledge of the French language!). Hopefully, as you read this, I’ll be in the Dordogne region of France sheltering in the shade somewhere equidistant between my watercolours and sketchbook and a nice cold drink. More realistically of course I’ll be hot, sweaty and… Read More

Seago is where the heart is…

As much as I’ve enjoyed my recent adventures with Rowland Hilder – which, I hasten to add, is very much indeed – it never ceases to surprise and delight me when I return to the work of Edward Seago. Emboldened by some of the success I’ve enjoyed with my recent Hilderesque efforts, I thought I’d… Read More

Enamel tin paintbrush holder

My enjoyment and appreciation of all things watercolour extends to the bewildering array of available paraphernalia. Much as I try to restrict myself from adding to my collection of materials and equipment – which I do mainly by reciting various mantras along the lines of: ‘it’s practice that’ll make you a better painter, not another… Read More