My customised Frazer Price Palette Box

As an avowed bargain hunter, I take great pleasure in browsing the rich and varied offerings of the local charity shops. Sadly it’s something I rarely have the time or opportunity to do much of these days (which is probably no bad thing!). I did, however, have a few spare moments the other day and… Read More

Sketching practice

Ahead of a little holiday in Barcelona, and thinking about how I’ll make the most of this for my painting in between family time and sight seeing etc, I had a bit of realisation. While I think my painting has come on leaps and bounds over the past year, my sketching… well I don’t really… Read More

Figuring it out…

As many regulars will have heard time and time again, I’d like to feature (or at least include!) figures in my paintings more often. Partly to give a sense of scale, partly for the added visual and human interest they can bring to a painting and partly just to prove that I  can! I have… Read More