Fan Ho watercolour painting

This week’s post is inspired by the brilliant photography of Fan Ho (1931-2016). If you haven’t already heard of Fan Ho, it’s still highly likely that you may be familiar with some of his images. Personally, I always like it when you get to see and hear an artist, so below is a brief video… Read More

Barcelona and back

Since last week’s post about sketching practice, ahead of my Easter vacation, I’ve been to Barcelona but have only just returned, so this will be a mercifully short post as I’m still unpacking let alone painting or writing blog posts! In brief, Barcelona was stunning. An amazing city that in our eight nights, we still only managed… Read More

Look what Santa brought!

I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful time over the Christmas and New Year break and that you’re all faring much better than I am so far in 2017. Here’s how I’m feeling:  “Arrrgghhh – I can’t believe that we’re only four days in to 2017 and I’m already feeling overwhelmed at how far… Read More