Short and Sweet

In fact, at its most sweetly succinct, this post could just read: I did a painting this week – and I was really pleased with it. But that’d be too brief even for my liking. I do feel however, that some of my recent posts have been far too long and wordy so it feels… Read More

Mending the nets (or 241!)

My holiday photos from La Continiere are proving to be a rich source of reference material. As well as my recent paintings of the boats in dry dock (of which you can see the rear of one in this photo), I was drawn to this image below. I can still vividly recall taking this picture. I… Read More

Flying solo

After last week’s post, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I felt so pleased and almost elated with my painting. For all its merits, it’s certainly not one of my greatest achievements. There was definitely a sense of relief that I was still able to hold a brush after my short break, but… Read More