Plein-air sketching in Wales

I was away in Wales over the recent bank holiday weekend – ‘surely not another holiday!’ I hear you exclaim! This time we were camping with twenty or so friends and families and I took my sketching kit along more in hope than expectation. We were based in the Brecon Beacons on the river Usk… Read More

Sketching – the perfect tonic!

Carrying on from where I left off last week, I've been really enjoying working in my sketchbooks. Here're a few pages and close-ups of some of my efforts. We only made it back from back from France earlier today, after spending a wonderful few days in Dieppe, so apologies that this post is so brief.… Read More

Holiday reading: Mastering Mood and Atmosphere in Watercolour by Joseph Zbukvic

In an effort to shake off my current watercolour malaise, I’ve brought some inspiration on holiday with me in the form of Joseph Zbukvic’s brilliant book ‘Mastering Mood and Atmosphere in Watercolour’. I find it a wonderfully insightful book, rich with practical advice and examples from one of the best watercolour artists working today. He… Read More

Overcast in St Ives

Toward the end of last week I was catching up on some blogs that I’ve missed of late and came across a new post from the great watercolor artist Edo Hannema. I really enjoy Edo’s posts, partly because I respect and admire his paintings, and partly because he’s so generous with his advice and wisdom… Read More

Town and Country

I left last week’s post broadly satisfied with my sketch of a Notre-Dame side street, although slightly bemoaning that I didn’t think that the sky matched the rest of the painting. This began to niggle me to such a point that I felt I had nothing to lose by trying to correct this. I thought… Read More

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas…

After last week’s rather tight (and in retrospect, mildy frustrating efforts) I felt the need to purposefully seek out something a little more free, loose and liberating. And also to try to refocus on what I most love about the medium. I think my last few paintings have been trying to control and often fight with… Read More

Paris… and priorities

I had the great pleasure of spending five days in the astonishingly beautiful city of Paris last week – hence the lack of my usual weekly post. As much as part of me wanted to spend my days painting and sketching (and I did travel with all the necessary bits and bobs to spend my… Read More

Swings and Roundabouts 

After last week’s slightly underwhelming effort of this scene of the old Bathhouse (and now a café) on Barmouth Beach, I was keen to put all that I’d learned from the experience, and from your feedback, into a new painting. As a refresher, here’s my painting from last week: And here’s what I had in… Read More

Some you win… some you lose…

In last week’s post I mentioned that I had a work in progress but couldn’t tell if it was progressing towards a mount, a frame and onto the wall, or straight to the bin? Well, after spending a bit more time on it over the weekend, I can confirm that it’s heading for the bin…… Read More

A bigger, better (?) Barmouth Beach

A few weeks ago I did a painting of Barmouth beach. In the accompanying post The beginning of something big? – I explained that it was my first effort after a few weeks’ holiday and that I’d enjoyed painting it. This original version was done on a quarter imperial sheet of Saunders Waterford and, since completing… Read More