A floral first watercolour painting

For those of you that may have been following this blog for any length of time – I do hope you’re sitting down when you read this! After many years of painting in watercolour, I’ve finally attempted my first painting of flowers! Even as I write I can still hardly believe it. I came across… Read More

French country cottage watercolour

Last week I was ticked of by someone on twitter last week when I posted my watercolour painting here based on a photograph by Fan Ho. The commentator was kind enough to acknowledge their appreciation of the painting, but felt that I should not be using other people’s images for inspiration. I’m happy to defend… Read More

Fan Ho watercolour painting

This week’s post is inspired by the brilliant photography of Fan Ho (1931-2016). If you haven’t already heard of Fan Ho, it’s still highly likely that you may be familiar with some of his images. Personally, I always like it when you get to see and hear an artist, so below is a brief video… Read More

An off week at the easel…

After what I definitely consider to be a run of a good few weeks at the easel, I suppose an ‘off’ week was only ever a matter of time away! The past week has been one of those weeks when I struggled with both subject matter and with execution! I had something quite different in… Read More

The lines that connect us – watercolour paintings

This week’s watercolour paintings were proof of the old adage that necessity is the mother of invention! The necessity in this case was time. Since the pandemic took hold, I now have less time than ever before for painting! I won’t bore you with the details of why this is the case but it really… Read More

A sunlit train station and a big sky: watercolour paintings

After all the restrictions of working on the perspective of last week’s train station painting, I was keen to liberate myself with something altogether more free and easy this week. A weekend or two ago I had to return north to scatter my mum‘s ashes. One of my favourite parts about returning to the ancestral… Read More

Train station watercolour paintings

Regular readers will know of my affection for Brighton’s train station and my various attempts to portray it. I think this affection was the starting point for some recent picture research where I was looking for atmospheric images of train stations. I can’t remember if I was also looking specifically for black and white photos… Read More

Rottingdean beach watercolour – sold!

When the weather was as its recent best, we took a short trip along the coast to Rottingdean. The main aim was to try to avoid Brighton’s increasingly crowded beaches. It was a good move for lots of reasons – not least because towards the end of the afternoon we took some ice creams for… Read More

Venice fish market watercolour, in triplicate

There are some subjects that just seem to attract watercolour artists, and I think the fish market in Venice is one of them. Off the top of my head I can vividly recall paintings set here by Joseph Zbukvic, Alvaro Castagnet, Keiko Tanabe and Gary Tucker to name only a few. Often, if you’re anything… Read More

A watercolour challenge

This week’s post is inspired by a recent challenge that watercolour artist Jem Bowden issued to the followers of his blog/e-newsletter. As many readers will be aware, I’m a tremendous admirer of Jem’s work and really enjoy and learn from his updates and videos. You can see more of Jem’s work on Instagram, YouTube and… Read More