If I had a boat…

Before I get onto anything boat related, I first feel beholden to begin where I left off last week, with my trials and travails of painting a scene outside Notre-Dame. To aid comparison I’ve put below the my two efforts, the more recent and looser version first, followed by my first attempt. Despite my best… Read More

Le Notre-Dame Paris

It was the amazing light that attracted me to this scene rather than the cathedral  itself. The cathedral is utterly stunning, but from such a close distance, visually it didn’t really appeal to me as a subject for painting. (And being so close I also wasn’t able to get any decent reference photos!) What did… Read More

A Sunlit Pont Alexandre III. Again. 

The last time I tackled this subject, it resulted in one of my personal favourites of 2016. Already at the back of my mind in 2017 is the need to have a sufficiently strong selection of images ready from for when I exhibit in May. I know that May is still a long time away,… Read More

What a wonderful year

  It’s been a real treat to reflect on the past year; my brushes with watercolour have never been so frequent, nor so enjoyable! 2016 started with a wonderful birthday gift of a week’s painting course. This set in motion a train of thought and actions that had no particular end point other than using… Read More

Paris in the sunshine

Following our recent Paris trip, I’ve been itching to have a go at one scene in particular. The  sun shined only very briefly during the five days we were there, and it was on this particular occasion that we happened to be crossing the majestic Pont Alexandre III bridge in the heart of Paris. The… Read More

Paris… and priorities

I had the great pleasure of spending five days in the astonishingly beautiful city of Paris last week – hence the lack of my usual weekly post. As much as part of me wanted to spend my days painting and sketching (and I did travel with all the necessary bits and bobs to spend my… Read More