Art imitating medicine…

I know that the more common expression is ‘life imitating art’, or is it ‘art imitating life’? but either way, this is purely a crude device on my part to draw a decidedly tenuous analogy. In the same way that the medical profession seems unable to diagnose the cause of my current physical malaise that… Read More

Sketching – the perfect tonic!

Carrying on from where I left off last week, I've been really enjoying working in my sketchbooks. Here're a few pages and close-ups of some of my efforts. We only made it back from back from France earlier today, after spending a wonderful few days in Dieppe, so apologies that this post is so brief.… Read More

Understatement of the year

It’s been a funny old week. Since January this year I’ve managed to put a post out every Tuesday. In that time I’ve had the odd blip of enthusiasm, confidence, material or inclination. But nothing like this. Last Thursday, the UK voted to leave the EU. I, along with many more of the other 48%… Read More

Seago is where the heart is…

As much as I’ve enjoyed my recent adventures with Rowland Hilder – which, I hasten to add, is very much indeed – it never ceases to surprise and delight me when I return to the work of Edward Seago. Emboldened by some of the success I’ve enjoyed with my recent Hilderesque efforts, I thought I’d… Read More

Winsor and Newton Professional Artists’ Field Set

After the fun I had emulating the great Rowland Hilder with the Cotman version of this same field set, I couldn’t wait to get started with the professional set. Sadly, I did have to wait a while as circumstances didn’t permit me to dive straight in so, to whet the appetite, here’s a little gallery… Read More