Keeping it clean to make it muddy

On my recent watercolour week with artist Steve Hall, I painted the image below at Dell Quay near Chichester: The painting didn’t do the scene any justice at all, but it did raise a few points that I thought were worthy of note, and of returning to. I greatly simplified the image above, but not… Read More

Watercolour Duet

For this week’s post I’m indebted to watercolour artist David Harmer. David was recently inspired to take on a most unlikely watercolour challenge – to paint the Maunsell Sea Forts, named after their designer Guy Maunsell, in the Thames Estuary. These amazing structures were built during the second world war with the primary aim of defending… Read More

One sketch, four paintings, loads of fun!

So, after last week’s foray into the layered washes of Rowland Hilder, I thought I’d do a quick compare and contrast of techniques. Recently, Edo Hannema mentioned the name of Aubrey Phillips to me and he’d written a whole blog post about how much his eponymous book, ‘Watercolour Painting with Aubrey Phillips‘ had been an inspiration… Read More