Keeping it clean to make it muddy

On my recent watercolour week with artist Steve Hall, I painted the image below at Dell Quay near Chichester: The painting didn’t do the scene any justice at all, but it did raise a few points that I thought were worthy of note, and of returning to. I greatly simplified the image above, but not… Read More

Notes to self following a fabulous week of painting

Well, after six month’s of mounting anticipation and fevered practicing – my week of painting with artist and Edward Wesson expert Steve Hall finally arrived. My first ever course of this kind, I was excited and apprehensive. And now, looking back, I’m finding it difficult to condense the experience into a single post. What I… Read More

Bad days at the easel

I’m familiar with having ‘bad days at the office’, so I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that I also have bad days at the easel. This week has been just such an example. I’ve started quite a few paintings and even some sketches to join in the World Watercolour Month celebrations and they’ve all,… Read More

Only two months to go!!

With only two months to go now until my course with watercolour artist and Edward Wesson expert Steve Hall, the mounting anticipation and excitement is palpable! So, with Wesson much on my mind, especially following the recent anniversary of his birth, it was without surprise that I found myself drawn to another of his paintings.… Read More

Practice makes perfect… (or at least slightly better!)

I was so excited recently when I recieved the rather brilliant gift of a week’s painting with Edward Wession expert Steve Hall, that I found a Wesson watercolour that I was particularly taken with and tried to emulate it. At the time I felt quite pleased with myself… but I think this was in part… Read More

Happy birthday (to me!!)

I’ve long admired the work of Edward Wesson so was totally taken aback, thrilled and delighted when – for my recent birthday – my fabulously brilliant partner gifted me a week long course under the guidance of renowned Wesson aficionado Steve Hall. I’d already collected some of my favourite Wesson paintings together on pinterest and… Read More