Sundown on Brighton seafront

In my recent plein-air post I mentioned that I hoped to do some more paintings of my hometown. During the recent few days of beautiful weather, the time felt right to tackle this view of Brighton seafront. It was based on some photographs that I took recently during a wonderful evening’s walk along the seafront,… Read More

Watercolour coaching – just do it!

I subscribe to receive various emails and updates from Winsor and Newton, and openly confess to having an affinity to them as my watercolour ‘brand of choice’. So it was with great interest that I watched Christopher Le Brun, President of London’s Royal Academy of Art speaking about watercolour in Winsor and Newton’s most recent… Read More

Overcast in St Ives

Toward the end of last week I was catching up on some blogs that I’ve missed of late and came across a new post from the great watercolor artist Edo Hannema. I really enjoy Edo’s posts, partly because I respect and admire his paintings, and partly because he’s so generous with his advice and wisdom… Read More

So much to say…

…and so little time to say it in! This is one of those weeks when I’ve managed to squeeze in some time for painting but left so little time for writing about it, so apologies in advance for the brevity of this post. (Although I’m sure that this will come as an absolute blessing to… Read More

Oh the joy…

After reaching some kind of satisfactory conclusion to my mum’s birthday present dilemma, I felt a tremendous sense of unburdened freedom as I sought out my next subject. So it was without any surprise that I found myself pouring over my favourite Edward Seago book for inspiration. It was however a complete surprise (and, in… Read More

Winsor and Newton Professional Artists’ Field Set

After the fun I had emulating the great Rowland Hilder with the Cotman version of this same field set, I couldn’t wait to get started with the professional set. Sadly, I did have to wait a while as circumstances didn’t permit me to dive straight in so, to whet the appetite, here’s a little gallery… Read More