Carlo D. Bruges, Belgium

We had the luck of spending some time with you and your wonderful family in France. It was amazing to see what you could do with only paper, pencil, and some paint. The painting of the marketplace in Perigueux has a special place in our house. During rainy weather it will remind us of the… Read More

Didier R. Paris, France

I am very proud to be the happy owner of “this calm and sunny hour at the end of the day after work”. The night will come and dreams will build again the hope of tomorrow. Je suis très fier d’être l’heureux propriétaire de “cette heure calme et ensoleillée en cette fin de journée après… Read More

Mary L. San Diego, California, USA

What struck me about the painting I chose from John was its combination of simplicity and detail. It is close to but not quite monochromatic. The colors are muted with just enough variety to keep the interest. The subject displays distance and perspective, light and shadow with enough of a suggestion of detail to fool… Read More

George T. Christchurch, New Zealand

…I finally found myself in the same location as your painting this week and I am thrilled with it. Exactly as I hoped and slightly bigger in real life than I’d prepared myself for. Now I just have to find a spot that gives it the prominence it deserves.  I’m very happy to provide a… Read More